How to Outsmart the Casino and Make the Most of Your Visit

1 week ago
How to Outsmart the Casino and Make the Most of Your Visit
24 Nov

We all love a trip to the casino, but wouldn’t it be better if we found a way to always make the most of our visits?

On a visit to Wunderino Casino you can guarantee that you’ll be left alone to play how you want without any encouragement to do anything different. But in a brick-and-mortar casino things are different.

Casinos do the utmost to keep you inside and playing games for as long as is humanly possible and we need not fall into all of the little traps that are laid.

Casinos, particularly in Las Vegas, have been designed, right down to the smallest detail imaginable, to keep you handing over your cash. For example, have you ever noticed that there are no clocks visible from the gaming floor? In some properties, dealers are told not to wear a timepiece to help with the plan of making it harder for patrons to keep track of time.

Some even spend a fortune on pumping oxygenated air throughout the building to help players to stay awake and hold off on that feeling of wanting to retire to the room.

These guys are really crafty.

Slots Are a Key Strategy in a Casino Layout

Slot machines are key to getting a customer gambling as soon as they arrive and rinsing a few extra dollars out of them before they leave. The odds are also terrible when compared to the likes of blackjack and roulette.

Okay, we understand that they might be more fun to some players but you need to remember that you will get much less gameplay for your money wagered.

The penny slots are even worse than the average machine. While you can keep putting in the coins without feeling that you’re losing much, you really are setting that money on fire. The average return to play percentage for a regular slot machine could be in the order of 86% but much worse for the smallest terminals.

Another way to avoid handing over money to the casino for nothing is to avoid the in-house ATM machines. In the middle of a session most people cannot be bothered to walk far to replenish their wallet and so the house takes full advantage of this by adding on a relatively exorbitant charge onto any withdrawal.

Another benefit of not falling into this trap is that you can arrive on the gaming floor with your budget already determined. This is a great way to avoid gambling money that you can’t afford to lose.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Any visitor to Las Vegas might be impressed with how many free drinks that are flying around, but of course there’s always a reason. It’s easy to see just how much more free-spending gamblers can be once they’ve had some Dutch courage to loosen their inhibitions.

Gambling when you’re sozzled is never likely to have a happy ending!

Always remember to think through what your plans are for a casino visit before setting off. Never forget that the house is not just happy to allow people to come and go as they please, it will actively and predatorily aim to part you from every cent possible while keeping you on the gaming floor for as long as possible.

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