How to Travel the World Like a Poker Pro

4 years ago
How to Travel the World Like a Pro
12 Jan


Many of the world's top poker pros are living lives that some of us envy. Traveling the world on the poker circuit, visiting exciting places, seeing and experiencing things that many others only view in photos, magazines, and videos.

Whether it's Australia for the Aussie Millions, the Bahamas for the PokerStars Championship, Macau for some high stakes cash games, or Las Vegas for the WSOP, poker pros tend to rack up frequent flyer miles at an incredible pace. All the while, many such pros also travel to other exotic destinations while not seated at the poker tables.

Does it sound adventurous and fun? Of course it does, if you're into expanding your horizons and seeing the world.

Prioritize Your Desires

If you'd like to be a part of that adventure, Alec Torelli has laid out a few dos and don'ts with regard to incorporating the jet-setting lifestyle into your poker plans. A recent episode of "Ask Alec" finds Torelli on top of a bolder at Joshua Tree National Park in California where he answers a question from one of his readers who inquires as to how to go about getting started in traveling the world as a poker pro.

It goes without saying that skill at playing poker is a definite prerequisite. Assuming that excellence and profitability at the tables has been achieved, Torelli insists that the money required to experience life as a perpetual nomad is not as big an issue as one might think if your priorities are properly in place.

Awareness of your spending habits is key to getting on the right track, Torelli explained, with an emphasis on logging where your money actually goes to perhaps find the expenditures that can be slashed or modified. A keener idea of your finances, along with making the sacrifices necessary to achieve your goal of traveling the globe as a poker pro will allow you to "do whatever it is you want in your life."

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