How To Try Crypto Poker Sites With Zero Risk

2 years ago
How To Try Crypto Poker Sites With Zero Risk
14 May

Building a bankroll on online poker sites without making a deposit is easier than ever these days thanks to the proliferation of new crypto-based poker rooms that have been offering freerolls to any and all players.

It's so much fun to start from scratch and to watch your account balance in your personal wallet grow by finishing in the money at freeroll tournaments hosted at several of these recently launched crypto poker sites. Anybody can do it. Unfortunately, what's likely stopping some players from doing so is perhaps uncertainty and a lack of knowledge pertaining to cryptocurrencies.

A New Age of Poker

New poker sites such as CoinPoker, Cryptonia and BetKing are part of an online poker revolution that is changing the way the game has been offered and played for the past almost two decades. Don't get me wrong, it's still poker as we've known it all these years. The difference is the use of cryptocurrencies and the inherent safety of funds attached to sites that use blockchain technology.

To the novice, crypto-based poker sites and blockchains may appear a bit daunting at first. However, it's all really quite simple when broken down and explained.

The most important point to remember is that the crypto poker sites don't hold your money. Your funds are sent to your wallet after leaving the table, which keeps the poker operator from having an opportunity to run away with the cash

As we all know, online poker history is dotted with instances of players' account balances disappearing a la Lock Poker and Full Flush Poker, or player funds mismanaged so badly that reimbursement was in deep peril (Full Tilt Poker). Those days are over thanks to crypto poker sites and blockchain technology.

How Blockchains Work

A blockchain is best described as a digital ledger that simply records transactions over a computer network without utilizing a centralized third-party such as a bank. Transferring funds in the form of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum is accomplished by submitting the transaction over the computer network via a personal wallet. The transaction is verified, with the network of computers updating the digital ledger.

Without a bank needed for payment processing, fees are reduced by eliminating the middleman. Keep in mind that blockchains don't begin and end with cryptocurrencies. The technology can be used for virtually anything of value.


Last year saw the price of Bitcoin shoot through the roof, resulting in a lot of media attention and people wanting to get in on the action by investing for fear of missing out. There remain lots of people who don't fully understand cryptocurrencies, including some well-known financial advisors whose opinions spread more confusion than knowledge.

Whatever your particular situation, whether you're keen on the crypto craze or not, the beauty of the aforementioned freerolls at relatively new crypto poker sites is that you can learn about cryptocurrencies as you go while playing poker and perhaps winning some Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) or CHP along the way.

CHP is the cryptocurrency established at CoinPoker that players use while playing at the site and is available for trade in the crypto marketplace. That marketplace is loaded with over a thousand crypto coins and growing.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are part of a booming industry that's only going to get bigger. If you're not yet a part of the boom and want to get in on the action without investing any money, a good place to start would be the freerolls offered at crypto poker sites.

Online Poker League

The crypto-based poker sites are part of the Online Poker League and the freerolls can be accessed via the OPL. Players allied with the OPL can compete at different poker rooms on a nightly basis and take advantage of freerolls and value added tournaments.

A quick glance at freerolls available at crypto poker sites over the next few days finds the following:

May 15BetKing
$500 Freeroll
19:00 BST
May 17CoinPoker
$500 Freeroll
19:00 BST
May 17BetKing
$750 Freeroll
19:00 BST

Here's what the OPL had to say about the freerolls offered by the new poker sites:

"The latest crypto room on the market BetKing have officially joined the OPL and are throwing $1000's at our players!
"CoinPoker have joined the OPL and will be introducing us to crypto poker and their unique coin powered by ETH 'CHP'" 

A Bright Future

The future of online poker will be centered around crypto poker sites. The advantages are many, including speedy deposits and withdrawals. However, you won't have to concern yourself with deposits at the moment if you grab a seat at the upcoming freerolls and start building your bankroll from scratch.

It's the perfect opportunity to get involved with cryptocurrencies without risking even a penny. The new poker sites of BetKing and CoinPoker are giving players a chance to try crypto poker for free and with zero risk. You can't afford not to play.

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