Jackie Glazier Returns to Australian Survivor, Suffers Serious Injury

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Jackie Glazier Returns to Australian Survivor, Suffers Serious Injury
28 Feb

In 2018, the Australian version of the popular reality show Survivor aired its fourth season, entitled "Survivor Australia: Champions vs. Contenders." The show featured twelve ordinary individuals, known as "the Contenders," competing against twelve extraordinary contestants, known as "the Champions." One of the notable Champions was Jackie Glazier, a well-known professional poker player with more than $1.4 million career earnings.

Unfinished Business

Despite an impressive performance, Glazier was ultimately voted off midway through the game, leaving her with unfinished business on the show. However, she will now have the chance to redeem herself as she is set to appear in the new season of Survivor, "Heroes vs. Villains," which premiered on January 30, 2023.

Speaking to PokerNews leading up to the season's debut, Glazier spoke about her excitement and gratitude for being invited back to the show, saying:
"To be asked to play Australian Survivor once was a dream come true for me, so to be asked back again was an enormous privilege."
She also spoke about her experience in the previous season, expressing that she did not have many regrets, but wished she had taken more risks when the tribe swap occurred. Glazier also shared that being cast on the villain's tribe for the new season was a massive highlight for her, as it would allow her to play a more strategic game.

In the previous season, Glazier had the opportunity to play alongside Survivor legend Russell Hantz, and even came out on top. Speaking about her experience with Hantz, Glazier stated,
"I have been a massive fan of Survivor forever, so to get to actually play with such an icon of the game was a highlight for me that season."
Glazier revealed that she had convinced Hantz not to vote for her at one point during the game and was planning to form an alliance with him if they both survived the vote. She added that if Hantz had not agreed to her proposal, she would have been the one sent home instead.

Despite being a seasoned professional poker player, Glazier kept her profession a secret during filming, which hindered her ability to connect with other contestants. In this season, she planned to be more open about her background, stating that she found it tiring to carry out the bluff of being a speedcuber throughout the previous season. Sadly, it was all over for her as soon as it started following an incident which led to a broken collarbone.

The Daily Mail reported: “The contestants were instructed to jump on top of two rotating boxes before rolling off into a pool of mud and moving on to the next section. Several players used a technique that saw them somersault off the boxes and land on their backs in the mud, rather than landing on their heads which could have resulted in serious injury. However, Mladenov and Glazier both failed to execute the landing. Australian Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia rushed to call for medics as the pair struggled in the mud. Mladenov and Glazier were absent for the rest of the episode and LaPaglia later revealed Glazier had broken her collarbone and would not be returning to the game.”

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