Jaime Staples Launches his New Vlog Channel

6 years ago
Pokerstaples Launches his New Vlog Channel
22 Sep

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Jaime Staples made a name for himself as one of the premier Twitch streamers that plays poker, where he gained tens of thousands of fans due to his excellent play, an impressive win rate and his affable manner to the chat. I recently did an exclusive interview with Jaime for PokerTube which you can view in full below. Check it out before reading on!

Before and after our chat Jaime was exactly the same. He was friendly, interested in what I had to say and keen to listen as well as speak (which is a good job when you talk to me!). Sometimes when you meet someone, even online, they are a bit different when the camera stops rolling. Thankfully, Jaime was great throughout our chat, so when I saw that he had decided to vlog about his life away from streaming I was really excited to see how his videos would be received by the poker community. I subscribed right away and I have to say his vlog is going well so far.

As I write this, Jaime has got just under 2,500 subscribers on his personal YouTube channel. I am sure this will grow quickly, but click here to go to his vlog channel. Jaime’s vlog channel runs separately to his Pokerstaples Poker Channel which has just under 26,000 subs largely thanks to a spillover from his channel Pokerstaples on Twitch.

The personal vlog channel is clearly something Jaime is making a real commitment to. He started vlogging around one month ago and has already made his way to vlog #34, which means an average of just over one video per day! At the top of his Pokerstaples YouTube channel there is a link and a call to action for people to visit his personal vlog channel and subscribe, so it is clear Jaime is taking the project seriously and has big plans for it to grow into a “staple” (sorry!) of his engagement with his growing fanbase.

Each video is currently getting around 5,000 views, which for a daily vlogger is excellent. That means the same audience is tuning in day in, day out, looking for his new content. It is easy to see why, his videos are well-produced, see him visit a variety of locations and he has interesting things to say. Time will tell if he can keep up the impetus of a daily vlog as one of the biggest problems with vlogging is finding things to talk about on an ongoing basis. Jaime seems to have this aspect of vlogging in hand though; he even managed to do a video on searching for a barber when he first arrived in Montreal, (see vlog 24!) and he manages to make this seemingly innocuous topic very interesting to watch. On the basis of this video alone, he’s got it. Got what you say?....... It!

I think Jaime is perfectly suited to vlogging and this is a great move for him. Poker can be quite cruel on a player's mental state and the vlog will give him something solid outside of his poker to focus on. It will force Jaime to do other things than simply to stream for hours on end and will massively improve his poker to life balance. I see only good things around the corner for him so my tip to you is to get subscribed and enjoy his content.

It’s a thumbs up from me as one of the many Jaime Staples’ loyal subscribers!

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