Joe Hachem, Joseph Cheong, and Dan Shak Furious Over WSOP Structures

1 year ago
Joe Hachem, Joseph Cheong, and Dan Shak Furious Over WSOP Structures
06 Jul

The structures at this year’s World Series of Poker have been riling some top names. Joe Hachem, the 2005 Main Event winner, Joseph Cheong, and Dan Shak  have been venting their anger on the twittersphere.

Hachem sounded livid at the thought of playing 18 hours just to cash in a $1,500 event and tweeted his displeasure at the supposed ridiculousness of the long structure. While many would have thought he would be happy at having more time to exploit the weaker players, he most certainly wasn’t.

High-stakes regs Joseph Cheong and Dan Shak, who both have more than $10 million in live tournament winnings, were equally fed up. Cheong reckons the dealers have it just as hard, while Shak seems ready to pack up and go home.

“I left town no patience for days to even cash. A few select events maybe to grind all @WSOP honestly making me want to quit.” 

After the three high rollers let loose their anger, the rest of the opinions went firmly the other way. For example, 

“...literally nobody cares about your lack of patience. All this shows is how spoiled you’ve become being catered to in other events around the world.”

The fairest rebuke had to be the simple explanation that $1,500 is a lot of money for a recreational player to potentially set alight in minutes. A slower structure pretty much guarantees a fair number of hands for their investment. This also helps to protect the game by ensuring we do all we can to make sure that amateurs enjoy their time playing and feel the entertainment factor is sufficient.

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