Kai Cenat Banned from Twitch for Fifth Time - Will He Move to Kick?

1 month ago
Kai Cenat Banned from Twitch for Fifth Time - Will He Move to Kick?
28 Apr

Kai Cenat, a popular Twitch streamer with around 300,000 subscribers, has been banned from the platform due to a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. While Twitch did not provide an explanation for the ban, Dexerto reported that Cenat performed a "simulated sexual activity" on his stream.

The ban has drawn criticism from Cenat's supporters, who argue that the punishment is too severe and have expressed their disappointment across social media

Nicki Minaj Shouts Out Support

When news of Cenat’s ban made the rounds, rapper Nicki Minaj posted on social media that she is a huge fan, and there is now talk of a collaboration with Cenat, who lost the plot when he heard about the endorsement, running around his room calling his mum.

As one of the world's top online influencers, with more than 217 million Instagram followers,
Nicki Minaj's involvement would be a massive boost for Cenat's already record-breaking Twitch channel.

The ban has left Cenat considering his options, and he has reportedly flirted with rival streaming hub Kick. While a move to a different platform could provide Cenat with more creative freedom, it is unclear whether the streamer is prepared to make such a big move. Would his followers move with him? Probably, to be fair.

Twitch bans are not unusual, and they are often reversed without much fuss, unlikely on other platforms. If he does decide to make a move to a different platform, it would be a significant loss for Twitch, which has benefited significantly from Cenat's huge popularity.

The controversy surrounding Cenat's ban highlights the challenges that platforms like Twitch face when it comes to enforcing community guidelines and terms of service. While these rules are necessary to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all users, the punishments can be way too severe, and there is often little transparency in the decision-making process.

Is Kai Cenat Leaving Twitch for Kick?

The competition between streaming giants Twitch and Kick has been heating up lately, and it all started with a pair of shoes. Twitch had created a custom pair of shoes for Kai Cenat, a massively popular streaming personality, to celebrate his record-breaking sub-a-thon earlier this year. But Cenat didn’t look that impressed with the present saying he would have preferred a contract instead.

This is where Kick comes in, hoping to take advantage of the situation and curry favor with Cenat. The gambling-friendly platform sent Cenat a brand-new pair of green Nike x OffWhite Air Force 1s, which he was much more impressed with than Twitch’s gift.

Cenat has been vocal in the past about his frustrations with Twitch and the lack of support for Black creators. He has hinted at a possible move to Kick, but has not yet made a decision. However, if he were to sign with Kick, it would be a major coup for the platform, which has seen promising financial returns for its streamers, some of whom have made big money since switching loyalties.

Cenat's interest in Kick has been demonstrated through various roleplays, including one in which the gifted shoes represent the two platforms themselves. He also played a prank on Kick star Adin Ross on April Fools' Day, joking that he was "coming to Kick."

As the rivalry between Twitch and Kick continues to escalate, it remains to be seen where Cenat will ultimately end up. But one thing is clear: the battle for streaming dominance is only getting started and many gambling streamers with whom we are familiar might also be pondering such a move.

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