Kym Lim Sends Twitter into Meltdown After Folding Quads

6 months ago
Kym Lim Sends Twitter into Meltdown After Folding Quads
08 Jan

High stakes cash player Kym Lim has posted a hand on Twitter where she fold quads and sent her followers into meltdown. The Canadian pro posted a defense of her fold and was roundly attacked by what are likely no better than micro stakes players.

Different With Your Money

Just to set the scene, in case you’re too lazy to work it out yourself, this hand was played 825 big blinds deep. Yes, some of these live players really are that insane.

For those of us who get our poker fix only online, we have next to no experience with playing more than 250 big blinds deep. It makes a huge difference. Then factor in the kind of reads that only a live player can pick up, coupled with any history between the pair, and it’s not so difficult to see why this can be a fold as played.

Here is the hand:

Analysis From a Real Crusher

With so many strong comments arising from the discussion, high stakes crusher and respected poker author Jonathan Little decided to do some analysis in a YouTube video. 

As the line played out he seemed to agree that this can be a fold, even though there are other high stakes players he would never do this against. If you know your opponent well then you have to take any reads into account.

Little’s point was that he would have bet the flop anyway. Certainly the turn. After all there is a confirmed whale in the pot who will pay off at least two streets with a random ace. Why would she not want to?

Marle Cordeiro chimed in, quite correctly, to say that most of those commenting have no idea how high stakes games play. Lim certainly had something in mind.

Little also felt that maybe it was more prudent not to make a raise to $21,000. He said there is no doubt value from pocket aces there but it’s not necessarily worth the risk of being put into the horrible spot that arrived.

At least there was some humour after all the baiting we saw. One poster admitted that he would want to fold, but couldn’t bear the thought of Doug Polk making a video about him.

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