Leonardo DiCaprio Still Owes Money From a Poker Game

10 months ago
Leonardo DiCaprio Still Owes Money From a Poker Game
18 Oct

Irish singer Ron Keating claims that movie star Leonardo DiCaprio still owes him “a couple hundred dollars” from a poker game played a few years ago.

Hollywood superstars at a poker table is nothing too uncommon - the Oscar-nominated movie Molly’s Game reminded all of us of that fact. However, what you wouldn’t expect is multimillionaire film actors ripping each other off for a couple hundred dollars while playing the game.

Nonetheless, according to Irish recording artist Ron Keating this is exactly what happened to him. The Boyzone singer appeared on the Australian morning radio show Stav, Abby & Matt where he told the story of the time back in 2013 when he allegedly lent DiCaprio a few hundred dollars for a poker game.

“We played some cards in Sydney a couple of years ago when he was doing The Great Gatsby. I think I loaned him a couple of hundred dollars to get in the game and then I think he won and never paid me back!” - Keating claims.

Given the fact that the Academy Award-winning actor’s net worth is estimated to be around $250 million, it’s more likely an issue of forgetfulness rather than unwillingness to pay.

The two were also talking shop during that game of cards, Keating further claims, as both artists happened to have auditioned for the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge and neither got cast. Keating said at the time that he didn’t get the part because he “couldn’t act” while DiCaprio thought he got snubbed because he “couldn’t fucking sing for shit”.

We knew of DiCaprio’s gambling habits even before Keating’s story, since he was talked about by Molly’s Game - the book turned into movie we mentioned already in this article -  author Molly Bloom. The underground poker game organizer described the Titanic star as such:

“He wasn’t a big gambler, He mostly came because his friend Tobey [Maguire] wanted him to come. He wasn’t a regular player and it wasn’t in his blood like some of the others.”

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