Lex Veldhuis Deemed to Have Healthy Heart, So He Gives it Away

2 years ago
Lex Veldhuis Deemed to Have Healthy Heart, So He Gives it Away
19 Nov

The health scare that sent Lex Velduis to the rail for a couple weeks appears to have passed, as doctors cleared the top Twitch streamer to return to normal duties.

Regular PokerTube readers will recall that Lex collapsed on a California street earlier this month, finishing runner-up to the cement that bonked him on the head following his fall. It was initially believed that Veldhuis had a heart irregularity, worrying his many followers on the popular poker and gaming streaming platform.

Lots of rest and several doctor visits and medical tests followed, with the 34-year-old keeping his fans up to date via social media. Veldhuis was itching to get back to the grind, but remained sidelined while waiting for clearance from his physicians.

That day finally came, as Lex logged on and played at PokerStars on Nov. 13, his stream back in business.

The suspected heart issues put to rest, as well as plenty of time for reflection while sidelined from poker, the PokerStars Team Pro apparently decided that his heart can now be given away. Here's the young lady who captured Veldhuis' heart:

We here at PokerTube extend hearty congratulations to Lex Veldhuis and his lovely fiancee.

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