Lex Veldhuis Folds Pocket Kings Pre-Flop

3 years ago
Lex Veldhuis Folds Pocket Kings Pre-Flop
10 Dec

There has been plenty of discussion among poker pros regarding how many times during their poker careers that they may have folded pocket kings pre-flop.

It's the second best starting hand in Texas Hold'em, so you wouldn't be tossing those kings before the flop unless you put your opponent on pocket aces, right?

The topic came up earlier this year during an episode of the rebooted "Poker After Dark."  Antonio Esfandiari revealed that he folded KK pre-flop a handful of times, while Daniel Negreanu recalled doing it only twice, going one-for-two as his opponents held AA one time, and QQ the other.

That was presumably during live action where the opportunity to read your opponents presents itself much more so than online poker. Of course, there is an argument to be made for astute online players who can pick up tells and reads as well.

One such player is Twitch streamer and MTT crusher Lex Veldhuis, who has been killing it at the tables as of late. PokerTube shared the stories of his recent online victories, first on Thanksgiving when he predicted a championship and then delivered in the PokerStars Thrill, and then a week later when he pocketed more than $10K while winning the $215 Triple Threat.

How hot is Veldhuis on the virtual felt? Take a look at the video snippet below and watch how Lex lays down KK pre-flop in the $55 Daily Marathon while sitting in 7th place with 24 players remaining.

It's funny to see how some of his Twitch viewers were calling Veldhuis a "nit" when he made the fold before his opponent turned over pocket aces. After the fact, those comments were more along the lines of calling Lex a "legend" and that his correct read was "highlight material."

Veldhuis has become the top poker streamer on Twitch, and with moves like that, it's not hard to see why. Well done!

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