Liv Boeree Owns Spraggy at EPT Monte Carlo

4 years ago
Liv Boeree Owns Spraggy at EPT Monte Carlo
11 Jun

PokerStars glamour queen Liv Boeree has pulled out an incredible call to own Twitch streamer Ben “Spraggy” Spragg. The pair were in a side game with fellow Pokerstars Team Online member Fintan Hand when the hand occurred, and Liv recently tweeted a YouTube video to remind Spraggy never to try bluffing her again.

Spraggy limps in the small blind with K6o and Liv raises AKo. Spraggy calls.

The flop comes down 5c 3s 3h and Spraggy checks.

By this point Spraggy has been chatting constantly and is in serious danger of giving his weak hand away. Liv makes a value bet and Spraggy calls with the intention to see what occurs on later streets – but not before knocking over his chips wearing what looks to be a clumsy pair of oven gloves.

The turn is the 9h and Spraggy is still waffling on while Liv remains silent and absorbs all the information he’s giving away for free. Both players check.

When the rivers comes the 7c Liv decides she can actually bet for thin value for less than one third of the pot. Spraggy then instantly jams over the top putting Liv in a weird spot.

Spraggy still can’t shut up though and even though Liv spends a couple of minutes listening to him she eventually makes the hero call with ace high and silences the Englishman.

We shouldn’t be too hard on young Spraggy though as he’s becoming a Twitch star lately, but that didn’t put off his chess master friend Lawrence Trent from having a sly dig!

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