Luke Schwartz Entertains All on Twitter

5 months ago
Luke Schwartz Entertains All on Twitter
04 Jan

British high-stakes grinder Luke Schwartz has been showing his opponents less than a little Christmas spirit over the holiday period. The outspoken Londoner is famous for getting under his opponent’s skin whether live or online and treated his Twitter followers to a series of video clips posted from his phone while playing some high stakes action.

FullFlush - as he is still known from his days playing on Full Tilt Poker - was playing a few tournaments on Christmas day and reverted to his usual cash games three days later. His  constant berating of the “pigeons” he was up against still seems amusing enough to his fans.

The cash game battle started with an incredible decision to not barrel the river after picking up a runner runner flush with only 43 when the board paired. Taking it back to 2009 he says! Of course, this immediately started a run of arguments on whether or not it was a bet back then rather than what the solvers recommend today.

“Solver says it’s a bet on the river but I take it to 2009 and know best #goatrevival”

Schwartz admits that the other high-stakes players think he’s a spent force at that level - some of them even bum hunt him he says - but as far as he’s concerned that’s a good thing. Let’s not forget though, this is the man who once claimed he was the best tournament player in the world sat down in a Monte Carlo high roller event with Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey!

After this little run of entertainment we can only cross our fingers that Luke Schwartz will continue to broadcast on Twitch as promised.

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