Lynne Ji Abandons Casino After Rage-Inducing $3k Loss

3 weeks ago
Lynne Ji Abandons Casino After Rage-Inducing $3k Loss
25 Aug

On a video posted to her YouTube channel, helloitslynne, the Poker After Dark regular detailed a devastating loss that resulted in her leaving the Bay 101 casino she was playing in.

In the 16 minute long Youtube vlog, the Californian narrates over body-cam footage she filmed whilst playing at the nearby Bay101 Casino. She explains that she was playing with a group she had played with once before and that they had agreed to open each hand with $60 each.

Starting strong with a pair of aces, Ji takes the first pot of $425. Her next two hands see her continue this streak of luck, winning a flip with a suited king and ace and pocketing around $5k in the process.

After raking in another $1.5k in chips, Ji bets deep into a $12k pot holding a pair of kings. Despite her relatively strong hand, she loses out to her opponent who reveals a winning pair of aces.

At this point, Ji decides she is done. She politely announces her departure to her fellow players- but on her way out makes clear she is less than pleased with how the game panned out.

“I am not in the mood to play any more poker,” she says, still smiling.

Her relatively happy demeanor after leaving a casino $3k in the red is easily explained when she outlines her plans for the rest of day: drinking and motorcycle riding.

Clearly, Ji must have a substantial amount of wealth behind her to enjoy such a luxurious lifestyle. It is not completely clear how exactly she funds her many fancy casino outings- and she has frequently garnered attention for being a bit of a mysterious figure in the poker community.

Many of you will already be familiar with Ji, as she has been making quite a splash in the world of high-roller poker recently. She has appeared multiple times on the PokerGo series: High Stakes Poker, and has been heavily active across her various social media accounts.

Whilst the card fanatic definitely spends as if she is infinitely wealthy- the true origins of this wealth are still unknown.

Many have speculated that the money is coming from her parents- which could be a very reasonable explanation. However, as she has kept the identity of her parents private, no one can say this for certain. Not even Ji’s exact age is known- although it is presumed to be around 25-30 years old.

The fact she keeps the source of her wealth private does seem to point to the idea that Lynne Ji is not necessarily a self-made woman, but is rather an exceptionally privileged individual who enjoys documenting herself blowing her parent’s hard-earned cash.

This is all conjecture at the end of the day. It is also possible that Ji is just an extraordinarily successful, young investment banker- who prefers to keep her living private to add to her mysterious allure.

Vaguely explained and seemingly endless income is not an uncommon theme in the poker world. Many players can be cagey when pressed on their financial situation- or provide responses that leave you with more questions than answers.

Either way, Lynne Ji certainly has a lot of appeal. Her apparent disregard for the true value of her chips makes her aggressive playstyle endlessly entertaining. A key feature of her strategy is to essentially never fold, which leads to a lot of intense head-to-head situations.

No doubt she will continue to grow her reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the high-roller scene- and continue to make palms sweat on the felt with her bold moves.

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MastroMastro2 weeks ago

This is news? 1: It's no one's business where this chick gets her money from 2: Some YouTube poker personality lost 3k and its now news? There really must not be much going on in the poker world I guess.