Max Silver Loses $25k Prop Bet with John Juanda

1 month ago
Max Silver Loses $25k Prop Bet with John Juanda
07 Jul

High stakes tournament pro Max Silver has lost his $25,000 bet with John Juanda that he could do 20 chin ups with a year to prepare. The Brit was starting from a point of being quite overweight and unable to do even a single chin up.

Not Committed

The bet came up in a random conversation during the 2019 World Series of Poker. Silver having dinner with John Juanda and couldn’t say no to the wager after recently losing a fat loss bet with another friend.

Opinion on social media was heavily polarised between drawing dead and too easy, but Silver wasn’t convinced either way.

By November another fat loss bet has been entered into but still not a single pull up has been achieved. Seriously, what was he doing for five months, he’s still in his twenties.

By January, still recovering from a standard Christmas, Silver finally hit three reps. It’s not looking good by this point, and obvious he wasn’t fully committed. 

Then the COVID-19 lockdown happens and somehow motivation begins to kick in. With nothing else to think about other than taking care of his family he whirls into action and gets all the way to 17 reps with two days to go.

After one full year the day arrived and unsurprisingly Silver wasn’t able to get over the line. A total of 18 reps could possibly have been beaten with better form and timing, but at least there were many other fitness goals achieved. 

Plenty of fat loss and a lesson in motivation should be more than enough. John Juanda will be giving the $25,000 to a charity of his choice.

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