Mike Matusow Threatens To Punch Slowroller During WSOP

1 year ago
Mike Matusow Threatens To Punch Slowroller During WSOP
08 Jul

Famed poker pro Mike Matusow earned the scorn of the majority of the poker world for an obscenity-laced tirade while podcasting on Twitch in a recent World Series of Poker (WSOP) online bracelet event, launching threats of violence against an opponent who he claims had slow-rolled him.

Matusow, widely known as “The Mouth”, lived up to that nickname while searching for his fifth career bracelet. Eliminated just two hands into play in Event #5, $1,000 NLHE Freezeout, the 52-year-old Matusow then began his tirade, heard by all who were following his stream.

“This motherfucker, ‘wolverine17‘, I’m gonna fuck him right in his fuckin’ ass man, right in his fuckin’ ass,” Matusow told his audience, according to any of several transcriptions of his video. “Mark that name down, ‘wolverine17’.”

Matusow then offered a cash reward to anyone following his stream who could identify the real-life player behind the “wolverine17” handle.

Matusow’s rant continued:

“I’ve got this guy’s name written down. I’m going to find out who he is. I’ll see him in person, I’ll fuckin’ knock him the fuck out. Think I won’t? Watch. I am going to find out who this motherfucker is and I swear to you I’m going to throw him up against the fucking wall and tell him, ‘You fucking ever slowroll me again, I’m going to beat your fucking ass’.”

Soon, a Matusow fan indeed doxxed the “wolverine17” screen name, after Matusow offered the $50 reward. However, it turned out to belong to a woman and less-prominent player, Meg Milly, who posts as @pokerhippie on Twitter. Milly, when informed of Matusow’s rant and threats, Tweeted:

Several players soon called on Matusow to apologize; long responses before playing online can happen for any number of reasons besides an intentional slowroll. Abashed, Matusow claimed to have sent a DM’d apology to Tilly, and he posted the following:

The episode marked the latest in a long, long list of bizarre behavioral displays by Matusow. It also came just a couple of days after his virtual meltdown on Twitter, where he frequently parrots far-far-right conspiracy theories that in many cases have already been debunked. 

Matusow himself has been both a lightning rod for controversy and has always had to combat his own troubled past. The one-time casino poker dealer was a minority investor in Full Tilt Poker. He was widely believed to have not only blown millions in owners’ dividends, but he was also on the spreadsheet for an additional $700,000 to Full Tilt in loans when the site went belly-up. Matusow later reneged on a massive prop bet which he lost to Ted Forrest, claiming that his own losses because of Full Tilt’s Black Friday-fueled collapse absolved him of the responsibility to pay up. Matusow also claimed to be a major victim of the huge insider-cheating scandal at UltimateBet led by disgraced pro Russ Hamilton.

Beyond his considerable gambling woes, Matusow also battled years of drug addiction and served time in the mid-2000’s after being convicted of buying (two ounces of) cocaine with intent to distribute.

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