Most Popular Ways to Gamble Online in 2021

8 months ago
Most Popular Ways to Gamble Online in 2021
07 May

There’s been a lot of gambling going on over the last year. With everyone locked up at home and very little to do, having a flutter online has been a bit of a release for many people. Some readers are probably running out of ways to gamble, or at least starting to get a little bored with their usual game.

What are the most popular ways to get some action online in 2021? Let’s take a look.

Real Money Poker

We have to start with poker, of course. The choice of game types and stakes ensures that there’s always something suitable for everyone. If you fancy a punt, then a small hyper-speed tournament will meet your needs. Jamming every hand you play is sure to get you a dopamine rush.

On the other hand deep stack cash games are perfect for those who enjoy the slow grind. Jump in and out of the game as you please.

Sports Betting

Although lockdowns persist around the world, sporting events are now back in full-flow. Unlike the situation 12 months ago, there are a ton of events to bet on. Even gamblers who are not real sports fans can find plenty of entertainment by watching a game that they have some action on.

Right now there are tons of online bookmakers offering deals of free bets and cashback worth hundreds—dollars, pounds, euros, or whatever.

Sports betting is also one of the most interesting ways to gamble. The sheer volume of possible analysis gives you infinite hours to come up with strategies to take on the bookies. Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed, just find a sport you have at least some interest in and start to check out things like how their performance differs under certain conditions.

Most bookies will keep throwing bonuses and promotions at you if you’re a regular customer, making your money go much further than it would in a casino.

Casino Table Games

Even though they can eat your money on a bad day traditional casino table games can be entertaining in a brick-and-mortar casino. It’s not just the big wins that you go for, it’s the atmosphere which can be electric on occasion.

Roulette, blackjack, craps, and baccarat are all still going strong today, even with the online casino industry starting to take off in a huge way. There are some strategies that people try to make the games a bit more fun but none of them have a reputation as real winners. The famous Martingale strategy where you double your wager after every loss to recoup the previous bet can lead to some huge sums being put on just to win back the tiny original bet on the first round.

Maybe you fancy your hand at card counting. If you get caught at the blackjack tables you’re a sure bet to get kicked out and banned. In Las Vegas this can mean you being barred from every casino in the state!

Financial Trading

Although trading the markets is a real way to make money, it can be a great platform to have a little gamble as well. Instead of sticking it all on red at the roulette wheel you could go all-in on Amazon stocks and cross your fingers for the next month or so.

Gamblers who love analysis will be in heaven here but then, of course, is it really gambling any more? Maybe we can argue not more than poker.

Slot Machines

When slot machines hit the casino floor a few decades ago they quickly became the most popular attraction in the house. The incessant noise and flashing lights gave the impression that there was always somebody walking off with a jackpot in their pockets.

Whether it’s true or not, most people who play them believe that there is a winning strategy for each machine. Although each one has a pre-programmed amount that always goes to the house it is possible for poor players to rack this up, leaving the spoils for those who know what they are doing.

Video Poker

The video poker machines are very similar to the slots except they are more geared towards giving the impression of an in depth strategy.

The theoretical return is also extremely high for any game offered by a casino. As much as 99.6% on the most generous machines.

Gambling is probably older than money itself. As long as people have stuff there will always be some who seek the thrill of winning more at the cost of losing big. They will always be on the lookout for new and interesting ways to wager. That said, as we see above, the most popular ways have been around an awful long time now.

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