Naked Man Dancing on Poker Table at Harrah's Casino was Drugged, Family Says

4 months ago
Naked Man Dancing on Poker Table at Harrah's Casino was Drugged, Family Says
13 Jul

A man from New York who danced naked on a poker table at Harrah's Casino in Las Vegas was under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug that someone had slipped into his drink, his wife claims.

Brian Danilczyk, 35, was reportedly in Las Vegas for a bachelor party on Sunday, July 9. After consuming a drink that was given to him, the Long Island man apparently became paranoid and ran off.

Danilczyk allegedly punched a one-legged man at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, proceeded to the LINQ Hotel where he stripped his clothes off, and then went streaking through Harrah's Casino where he table-danced naked until being subdued by security personnel and arrested.

The entire incident at Harrah's was captured on video, clearly showing behavior that anybody in their proper state of mind would never do.

Danilczyk's wife, Michele, and father, William, told the New York Post that Brian is an upstanding person and would never act in such a manner. They are certain that his drink was spiked.

“He and his friend were sitting outside talking .... and somebody inside bought a round for everybody," the dad stated. "So they came in and drank their drinks, and he went outside, and 10, 15 minutes later, he says to his friend, ‘I'm feeling off. Something’s weird. Something’s wrong with me.'”
It was then that Danilczyk started acting paranoid and began running away.
“They went after him and found him, and were trying to calm him down, but he just started getting worse and worse and worse, and basically, this drug took over and he took off running," William Danilczyk added.
Danilczyk was arrested and faces multiple charges, including indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and battery. His next court appearance is Aug. 17 and his loved ones know exactly what to tell the judge.

Wife Stands by Her Man

''My husband is a great person .... he would never act in such a way,” said Michele. “He is the victim. His drink was laced with some type of drug that caused a severe hallucinogenic reaction."
Danilczyk has no recollection of the incident. It must be extremely painful for he and his loved ones to watch the video that has made the rounds on the internet.
"We are working extensively at the emergency room and visiting doctors for a toxicology reading to find out exactly what type of drug it was,” Michele added. “I’m glad to have him home and in a safe place. We are counting our blessings and look forward to when we can put this behind us.”
Danilczyk is a Villanova University graduate and is employed as a computer programmer. He and his wife recently purchased a house. Michele is eight months pregnant.

For what it's worth, the round of drinks were said to be Irish Car Bombs, a concoction of Irish whiskey, Irish cream, and a half-pint of Guinness stout.

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