New Invention By UNLV Student Combats Edge Sorting in Casinos

4 years ago
New Invention By UNLV Student Combats Edge Sorting in Casinos
26 Mar

The edge sorting controversy that resulted in Phil Ivey's name making headlines for something other than his poker prowess may never again cause the same uproar after a college student developed new technology to stop the shady practice once and for all.

Brittney Martino, a UNLV student, showcased her new invention at a Global Gaming Expo (G2E). She recently received a patent on her innovative creation that projects light onto the dealer's shoe that holds the cards, making it futile for players to attempt to determine card values by picking up on the imperfections on the designs on the back of the playing cards.

That's how Ivey and a companion, Cheung Yin Sun, a reputed edge sorting expert, were able to win millions at the Punto Banco tables at casinos in London and New Jersey. However, Ivey came out on the losing end of lawsuits in both instances, giving even more ammunition to casinos and the advantages they hold over players in house-banked games.

According to language in Martino's patent as reported by, the projected light's purpose "is to overlay colors or tones and white background on the back of the playing card." The shoe is actually fitted with lights capable of emitting various colors, with those colors corresponding to the colors on the backs of the playing cards used by the casinos.

The flashing lights are said to "disrupt visible perception of the actual pattern printed on the back of the playing card."

There remain two schools of thought as to whether edge sorting is cheating. Players such as Ivey claim that it's merely attempting to gain an advantage over the house, while casino bosses lean heavily toward calling it outright cheating.

Premier Magazine referred to edge sorting as "the latest and most lucrative form of card counting." Whatever your thoughts or opinions are on the issue, it may all be moot if casinos implement Martino's invention.

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