NHL Star Evander Kane Found Innocent of Gambling Allegations

3 weeks ago
NHL Star Evander Kane Found Innocent of Gambling Allegations
04 Oct

NHL star Evander Kane has been cleared of illegally gambling by the sport’s governing body. Kane filed for bankruptcy in January 2021 and admitted he had a serious gambling issue but denied the allegations of betting on his own games.

Telling the Truth or just Bitter?

Evander Kane has found himself hauled over the coals this year, purely down to allegations without proof made by his estranged wife. Labeling him “a compulsive gambling addict” on her Instagram account, she accused Kane of betting on his own games, sometimes attempting to throw them.

Obviously professional sportsmen are prohibited from betting on their own sport to prevent foul play, but proving this is always nigh on impossible.

Kane’s employers, the San Jose Sharks, say they are still freezing him out of the team until further notice while a separate investigation continues.

The league, however, maintains that the original case is now closed unless fresh evidence is forthcoming.

Kane is far from the first sports star to come unstuck in the world of gambling. His seven-year contract paying out almost $50 million wasn’t enough to save him from bankruptcy but at least he did admit he has a problem and has sought out professional help for his addiction.

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