Online Poker in COVID Times

1 month ago
Online Poker in COVID Times
13 May

The pandemic has had an immeasurably large effect on most people’s lives. Being stuck inside for long periods without being able to do a lot of the leisure activities we usually like has forced people to look elsewhere for entertainment. For many, that means turning to online casino games like poker.

The following article will take a closer look at how online poker has been affected by COVID.

Surge in Popularity of Online Poker

With many people’s usual hobbies and activities restricted, lots of people have turned to the internet for entertainment, specifically online games. Competitive games bring some adrenaline that other activities cannot and this is especially true when gambling is involved.

It is little surprise that online poker has seen a boom in recent months thanks to the number of people stuck in their homes. Online poker companies increased their players bases during lockdowns turning over huge profits. This was further pronounced when sports came to a halt back in 2020.

Signing up to a poker site is straightforward and easy and new players can get into a game in no time. In addition, games are quicker and cut out things like the dealer shuffling the pack or conversations bringing the game to a pause. There are certain games called turbos that go especially quickly and can be over in minutes or even seconds. The quick turnarounds can be a big pull for being bored out of their minds.

Why Poker?

There are many reasons why online poker has taken off in the way it has. For starters, it’s a game that anyone can pick up relatively quickly but has far more depth to it than you may first think. Players especially professionals like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu spend years improving and honing their skills so there is a lot to get stuck into.

Another drawer to online poker is the potential winnings. As mentioned above, games can be very quick allowing players to potentially double their wager in minutes. Other longer format games like tournaments may take hours or be played across multiple days but the potential prize for winning these can be absolutely huge.

Online poker can also be played in private rooms with your friends. This is obviously great when you can’t physically meet up and has many of the perks from playing online such as quick dealing and a timer. The operator will take a rake from each player for entering but the winner(s) will profit hugely.

Another reason poker is so popular online is the amount of choice there is. There are so many different variations of the card game and loads of different platforms to play it on. If you’re looking for a place to help you decide which platform to use, websites like Nettikasino247 can help you do just that. View the different offers by some of the top providers side by side and weigh up which platform offers the best features to suit you and your preferences.

On the theme of variety, you can custom your avatar, table appearance, and card appearance. You also have the option to play multi-table and participate in multiple poker games at once. This is perfect for those who get easily bored and think they can handle the task of two or more simultaneous poker games.

Will Poker’s Popularity Persist?

Whether or not online poker will keep its newfound player base is hard to say. For some people, poker will have been something they turned to out of sheer boredom. If your first experiences with the card game weren’t the best or you didn’t really understand it, that could be enough to put you off.

However, there will be plenty of people who tried online poker out for the first time and will continue to do so long after the pandemic is over. Who knows some may even want to try their luck a the World Series of Poker Online.

Others may have played for the first time and found the game intriguing. There is no shortage of guides and tips online to help new beginners take their first steps into the world of poker. It can be quite a steep learning curve but once you have picked up some of the basic terminologies, online poker can be a real blast.

Whatever the case, there is little doubt that this popular cards game has captured the attention of many new players on a long-term basis.

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