partypoker Launches $23,500 Weekly SIT & GO Leaderboard

1 year ago
partypoker Launches $23,500 Weekly SIT & GO Leaderboard
06 Dec

partypoker has launched a new series of SIT & GO leaderboards in the run up to the holiday period. $23,500 is being shared out for their roster of SIT & GO’s split into four different buy-in levels.

Jaime Staples, a member of partypoker Team Online said:

“I started my professional career hunting SIT & GO leaderboards. It’s a great way to practice and I love that partypoker is now offering something to shoot for!”

Big Prizes

From Monday (00:00 CET) to Sunday (23:59 CET) players will earn points that slot into one of four different leaderboards.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Low (buy-ins: $1 - $9.99): $1,000 prize pool
  • Mid (buy-ins: $10 - $49.99): $5,000 prize pool
  • High (buy-ins: $50 – 199.99): $10,000 prize pool
  • High Roller (buy-ins: $200+): $7,500 prize pool

With prizes ranging from $2 in Tournament Dollars (T$) up to a $2,500 cash handout there is a lot to play for.

The full breakdown of what can be won each week for each leaderboard can be seen in the following table.

Rank/PrizeLow ($1 - $9.99)Mid ($10 – 49.99)High ($50 - $199.99)High Roller ($200 - $1,000)
1st $150 Cash $750 Cash $2,500 Cash $2,500 Cash
2nd $100 Cash $500 Cash $1,500 Cash $1,500 Cash
3rd $75 Cash $400 Cash $1,000 Cash $1,000 Cash
4th T$50 T$350 T$750 T$750
5th T$50 T$250 T$500 T$500
6th T$40 T$250 T$350 T$250
7th T$40 T$200 T$300 T$250
8th T$20 T$150 T$250 T$250
9th T$20 T$150 T$200 T$250
10th T$10 T$100 T$150 T$250
11th – 20th T$10 T$50 T$100 -
21st – 30th T$10 T$40 T$50 -
31st – 50th T$5 T$20 T$50 -
51st – 65th T$5 T$20 - -
66th – 100th T$2 T$10 - -

Steven ‘DWstevie’ Kok, another partypoker Team Online member said:

“I am a big fan of SIT & GOs, they are great practice for short-handed and short-stack play, and for learning ICM as you get into those spots way more often than in large field MTTs. They also have lower variance and thus are great to help you build that bankroll!”

Unfortunately, this offer does not include SPINS or heads-up SnG’s, but you can count on plenty of action being available for the regular SnG’s. More than enough to give you the chance to shoot for glory.

All relevant information regarding the $23,500 Weekly SIT & GO Leaderboard promotion can be found here.

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