Patrik Antonius Among Final Tablists Amazed By Rookie's "Crazy" 7-2 Bluff

5 years ago
Patrik Antonius Among Final Tablists Amazed By Rookie's
11 May

Winning a seat to the €5,300 buy-in 2018 EPT Monte Carlo Main Event for $5 via steps tournaments at PokerStars and making it to the final table among the likes of Ole Schemion and Patrik Antonius wasn't the most amazing feat that Hungarian Krisztian Gyorgyi pulled off.

Bluffing his way to scooping a huge pot with 7-2 offsuit that put him in 2nd place in chips at the time was even better.

The hand is still being talked about in poker circles everywhere, as it was Gyorgyi's first live cash and first appearance at a big live tournament. A metal worker by trade, the Hungarian eventually finished in 5th place - one pay jump ahead of Antonius - for a score of $222,679.

Amateur Makes a Play

The hand started with a raise of 125,000 in chips by Lithuanian Tomas Jozonis who was seated in the cutoff seat with big slick. Gyorgyi three-bet to 360,000 with his 7c-2s from the small blind.

An all-diamond flop of Q-10-9 saw Gyorgyi lead with a 500,000 bet with total air - not even a red card in his hand. Jozonis held the ace of diamonds and king of clubs, giving him a nut flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. He simply called.

The 4c on the turn helped neither player, but Gyorgyi kept firing, shoving all-in with roughly 1.5 million. The Lithuanian, who eventually finished in 3rd place for $372,746, tanked for awhile, but folded, and an excited Gyorgyi showed the table his cards.

“This is more than balls,” Antonius said of the bluff they had all just witnessed. “This is a little bit crazy too.”

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