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2 years ago
Paul Phua: Don't Lose Your Cool
28 Jan


Paul Phua's recently launched website has a section on tips and strategy that is aimed at beginners. One of his videos in that area centers on the topic of keeping your cool while playing.

While rookies would certainly be wise to read up on maintaining your composure at the tables - especially after suffering a bad beat - it wouldn't hurt for some poker pros to take a refresher course on how to avoid going on tilt as well.

One Bad Hand Can Spiral into Disaster

"Many, many good players and poker stars can slip," explains the Malaysian businessman, adding, "they maybe play well for 10 hours and they get unlucky in one hand, get angry, and so the next few hands they play badly and then lose all their chips."

Sound familiar? If it does, heed a bit of advice from Phua, who considers his temperament and his ability to control his emotions while playing his greatest strength.

After losing a big pot, Phua reminds himself not to fret and worry about it. Instead, he focuses more on how he can learn from the experience. He examines what he might have done differently, even asking other respected players for a bit of feedback and advice.

High Roller Heaven

Keeping calm under pressure has likely played a big part in Phua's success in high roller tournaments. He has cashed for over $4.5 million in his career, his best score a whopping $1,621,297 when he outplayed a field of 20 at the Aspers 100K High Roller in London in 2012.

Phil Ivey calls Phua:

"Probably the best non-pro I’ve ever played poker against. He's certainly better - maybe much better - than a large percentage of professional players."

A calm head and even-keeled demeanor is the way to go, according to Phua. It's his biggest asset, and has served him well since taking up the game of poker in his 40s.

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