Phil Ivey Obtains the Medical Marijuana Dispensary License

5 years ago
Phil Ivey Obtains the Medical Marijuana Dispensary License
01 Nov

According to the article by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Phil Ivey is one of 26 people who will receive medical marijuana dispensary license in the near future. City council of Las Vegas spent 16 hours mulling over 50 applications for medical marijuana business operations on Tuesday and Wednesday.

After it was all said and done, the Council approved 26 of these requests, more than double the number initially set aside by Nevada regulators. However, approval by the Council does not guarantee the approval from the state health department, so it remains to be seen how many of these 26 will, in fact, be allowed to move forward.

In fact, Councilman Bob Coffin warned of the potential lawsuit that could stem from the city’s decision to proceed with issuing permits before receiving the state’s blessing and tried to delay the voting until after Nevada regulators give their opinions on Monday.

As for Phil Ivey, he is clearly looking for new business ventures to put his money and his efforts in. Earlier this month, the Ivey Poker app has been suspended until 2015 and Ivey’s lawsuit against Crockfords Casino ended with an unfavorable outcome for the pro.

With all these things out of the way, Mr. Ivey is, perhaps, bored and looking for something to keep him busy. Although some may say that getting into the pot-business may not reflect best on Ivey’s reputation, the general support for marijuana application has been rapidly increasing over the last few years and it is regarded much differently than it was a decade or so ago.

Medical marijuana dispensaries have a potential of being very lucrative businesses and it is a small wonder that Ivey would want to get in on this opportunity. If his application is confirmed by the state of Nevada, he will not be lacking customers for sure.

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