Play Better Blackjack and Have Fun Doing it

9 months ago
Play Better Blackjack and Have Fun Doing it
29 Jan

Time to get into a new hobby! If you have decided that blackjack is it then this is a great start. Blackjack is a fun game with simple rules that anyone can play. It makes sense to play a little online before you hit the tables at your local casino – get some practice in. And before that? Why not run through with some blackjack tutors? This way you can up your skills before you get out there in the wild. After all, you want to be able to win as many hands as possible, don’t you?

Playing casino games online is a great way to unwind at the end of the day, try your hand at a little bit of skillful play, and even meet other people to chat to online. Once you’ve had some tutoring practice, you can try your new blackjack skills for real online. And after that? You might feel confident enough to hit the floor at the casino in person.

Today we check out the best online blackjack tutors for beginners so you can get yourself deep into the exciting world of blackjack play.

Modern Blackjack online book

If you want to make your start at blackjack, and you aren’t opposed to a bit of reading, then this Modern Blackjack online book could be a good way to dive in. Ignore the old school design of the website and dive right in. 

The book is very comprehensive in its content. In fact, the book itself starts at chapter minus 2! Chapter minus 2, rather than starting out with the basic rules of blackjack, gives the author’s first hand account of how not to lose at blackjack – which is surely one of the most important things to learn!

Chapter minus 1 is the most useful chapter to absolute beginners, as it outlines the basic rules for blackjack, followed by variations such as Double Down, Split, Insurance and Surrender and more. Chapter 0 then covers basic strategy including flashcard drills and practice games. 

Give it a read before you dive into blackjack and you’ll already be at an advantage over other beginner players.

Blackjack Apprenticeship Trainer

These guys literally have blackjack boot camps that run in Vegas – so you can be sure that they’re the real deal. Blackjack Apprenticeship is the name of the company, and their blackjack training drills they tout as the ‘best way to master the art of blackjack’. There are two free drills that you can try your hand at over at Blackjack Apprenticeship – their Basic Strategy Drill and their Card Counting Drill. 

Your game will improve, guaranteed

They also have other paid drills that you can get your hands on if these two drills get a little tired – these drills include Speed Counting, Free Play, Deviations, and True Count. Their drills are slick, easy to follow, and above all, fun.

The other free resources on their site include sections on How to Count Cards, Blackjack Trainer, Blackjack Strategy Charts, Blackjack Calculator, Card Counting Systems, a FAQ, Glossary of Blackjack Terms, and How to Play Blackjack.

If you are feeling really into it then why not check out one of their in session boot camps and book yourself a trip to Vegas? Yeah baby!

Blackjack All-In-One Trainer

Want something to practice on your phone instead of on your laptop? Then you need an app. A great one to try out is the Blackjack All-In-One Trainer which has an amazing rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5 on the Google Play store for Android! 

This app claims to give you everything you need to master both basic strategy and card counting. The app itself gives you three different types of play, with play, train, and simulate. The play mode gives you some great output about your game in the form of statistics so that you can learn from each and every hand that you play what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and where you could’ve sought even better opportunities.

There are various training guides to read over included from the beginner – that’s you! – through to far more advanced techniques and strategies. It includes the blackjack charts that are recommended to study for those that really want to get ahead in their game, more drills, such as the ones in Blackjack Apprentice, and card counting resources (which are perhaps a little less useful). 

The blackjack simulator included in the app allows you the ability to go through millions of hands of simulated blackjack to see the statistics and learn from the outcomes. Learning through example is often a good way to learn anything, which is why this simulator has been included. It’s a resource that is sorely lacking from many other online blackjack resources, so give it a go!

Card Counting Trainer

Really want to learn how to count cards instead of play blackjack? Or you’re already mastering the blackjack basics and want to give this a go? Then you’ll be after a card counting trainer, such as the one over at 888 Casino. 

This card counting trainer is a well presented, easy to use tool that gives you the option of playing with a single deck or playing with six decks. You’ll also be able to choose from how quickly you’ll be asked for the running count of the cards: every 10, 15, 20. 25, or 30 seconds, or never. You can even choose how quickly your cards are dealt.

This is a quick and easy little tool to use that will ultimately help you to count cards if that is your end goal. By using a card counting tool you are also practicing your memory skills, which could help to give you more sharpened cognitive skills! People that count cards are often known for being great at remembering other things too – so it’s worth practicing even if it’s not just for playing your hand at blackjack.

A word about blackjack: While people talk about strategy and card counting, in modern blackjack this is almost impossible. The decks used in blackjack differ from ‘the old ways’ and so card counting is almost impossible in modern casinos – and certainly online. While you might be on a winning streak (even for quite some time), the game works out to give returns to the house overall -  generally around 2-3%. This means that if you are up, the longer that you play the greater chance you have to lose your own advantage. Keeping this is mind, if you’re up then it’s time to get out – particularly if you’ve won a lot!

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