Player Trump2024 Reportedly Banned from Due to Political Issue

1 month ago
Player Trump2024 Reportedly Banned from Due to Political Issue
20 Sep

According to poker pro Tim Burt, a veteran of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in both its live and online venues, the online platform in the US has chosen to ban politically-themed screen names. Burt, a three-time ring winner on the WSOP Circuit tour, announced on Twitter that his “Trump2024” online handle had been banned.

Burt Tweeted the following:

Burt went on to offer some detail on the surprising and not formally announced banning of such screen names on, reposting an email message he’d received from an unnamed WSOP exec.

“Hey Player,” the email started, “It’s recently come to our attention, that your username could be seen as offensive to other players at….”

Burt also relayed that he’d been offered the chance to submit three alternative screen names, and that via a subsequent message, a WSOP exec had apologized for calling Burt’s “Trump2024” username “offensive”.

Nonetheless, in a series of Tweets in response to Burt’s post, the WSOP reiterated that it had taken steps to identify and ban “political agendas being displayed to players through usernames.” Specifically, the WSOP posted:

“We recently updated our username permissions to look for names that are political in nature (regardless of the party) in addition to names that are derogatory, offensive or misrepresenting.”

The exchange triggered a middling firestorm as to whether politically-themed screen names should be lumped in with the usual vulgarities that are banned as usernames, nor’s less than perfect record in catching players who use altered forms of vulgarities in their online names. In contrast, Burt is an army veteran who has previously voiced his support for the Trump administration and other conservative causes. Unexplained, however -- and Burt did not respond to a request for additional comment -- was the change in the connotation his screen name had undergone. If Burt had had the “Trump2024” screen name for four years, then the “2020” part of his username originally might have indicated support for a Trump dynasty, in the form of Donald Trump Jr. or Ivanka Trump succeeding Trump as president. 

More recently, though, the senior Trump has voiced his beliefs that he’s likely entitled to a third term, despite that being barred by the US Constitution. That places the “Trump2024” username, through no fault of Burt’s as possibly being a proponent of a suggested unconstitutional power grab. Other users would have no idea how old Burt’s username on actually was, causing additional perceived antagonism and tilt.

Unexplained, though, is how or even if the WSOP can reconcile its new stance against political screen names with its live events, where players have long made political statements via their wardrobes. Nevadan Loren Klein, who won bracelets in three consecutive years (2016-18), ruffled numerous feathers by wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat during his final-table appearances and bracelet ceremonies. Other players, on both sides of the political spectrum, have similarly decided to use live-poker events as a platform to publicize their personal beliefs. A WSOP exec contacted by this writer about these and other complications also did not respond to the contact.

The banning of Burt’s “Trump2024” screen name opens up the metaphorical can of worms. It’s hard to predict exactly how such a ban on “political” usernames is likely to play out, since otherwise innocuous names can become political as events occur. It’s an unstable situation.

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