Poker Queens Documentary Aiming to Attract More Women to the Game

4 months ago
Poker Queens Documentary Aiming to Attract More Women to the Game
08 Sep

A soon to be released poker documentary is set to debut on Amazon Prime. Poker Queens is a full and frank behind the scenes look at the game’s leading female players at this year’s World Series of Poker. Directed by Sandra Mohr, this production looks set to be a big hit and play a big part in attracting more women to the game we all love.

“Poker Queens is now in production and will feature some of the most popular female poker players in history. Poker Queens will also follow today's most fascinating female competitors as they vie for the title of WSOP Champion. Coming Soon!”

Last year Sandra Mohr, better known to some by her pen name Sia Layta, came to note with her new book BLACK WIDOW Poker: A Woman’s Guide to Winning a Man’s Game, detailing why the live game is a different beast for female players. Mohr decided to take her project a step further and announced this film production back in March. 

Releasing a trailer on YouTube had an immediate effect, and the numbers showed for this years WSOP Ladies Event, up to 968 entrants from 696 last year. Still some way from the record 1286 set in 2007, but things are definitely on the up. This year South Korea’s Jiyoung Kim took down the event which also gives a boost to the growing Asian poker market.

Mohr’s project should be roundly applauded because anything that can be done to bring in more women to the game the better. Beyond organising ladies events, not a whole lot has been done to change this situation. People are definitely more aware that a friendly table atmosphere is important for this cause, and great strides have been made, but now it’s the turn of media to make a big push.

In the words of Sandra Mohr,

“It’s been 1995 since the last time a woman was at the Main Event final table. We need to up our game a little.”

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