Poker Streamer Gets Twitch Banned in Slovakia

2 months ago
Poker Streamer Gets Twitch Banned in Slovakia
01 Jul

A single streamer has apparently got the Twitch server banned in Slovakia. The Eastern European nation hit the headlines last week after “dDandis” was caught streaming online poker to his 35,000 followers, arguably breaking local laws on the promotion of gambling.


The Úrad Pre Reguláciu Hazardných Hier (Slovakian Regulatory Office for Gambling), quickly moved to ban the Twitch profile page of “dDandis”, but also looks to have listed the Twitch website as a banned website.

The O2 ISP blocked Twitch entirely with the others expected to quickly follow suit, but it turned out that the situation wasn’t completely clear and following complaints Twitch was soon back online for the Slovak population.

It’s a bit harsh to be lashing out at “dDandis” as he isn’t a regular player at all and probably wasn’t even aware any law preventing Slovakians from gambling on Twitch. It also turns out that “dDandis” isn’t even based in his home country, leaving more than a little egg on the faces of whoever blew the whistle on this matter.

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