Poker Twitter Goes Into Meltdown Over Daniel Negreanu’s Popularity Tweets

1 year ago
Poker Twitter Goes Into Meltdown Over Daniel Negreanu’s Popularity Tweets
26 Aug

High-stakes legend Daniel Negreanu has once again incurred the wrath of his fellow poker players. The Canadian live tournament star has been putting noses out of joint by conducting what are said to be meaningless popularity polls on his Twitter account.

Negreanu isn’t shy to speak his mind in a public forum and has upset people before with his point of view, but this new saga seems to lack any point at all. The polls were directed at various poker analysts and commentators who are easily recognisable to most of the poker community. Many of the votes were heads-up and were only ever going to leave one person feeling bad, even if it was meaningless.

Justin Bonomo, the man who replaced Negreanu as the top of the all-time money winners list for live tournaments, piped in with his own thoughts on how juvenile this kind of thing can be. Jeff Gross, who ended up being matched against Nick Schulman and lost 90%-10%, at least didn’t seem too upset and tweeted that he’s happy with his own poker opportunities.

After all the mudslinging that went on in these tweet threads, Negreanu has finally had enough and announced that he would end it apart from a series of polls based on promoting new and upcoming podcasts. Who knows what he will come up with next to upset the masses.

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