Poker Vlogger Brad Owen Hits YouTube Milestone of 100,000 Subscribers

10 months ago
Poker Vlogger Brad Owen Hits YouTube Milestone of 100,000 Subscribers
09 Apr

The poker vlogosphere has a new member among the upper echelon of popularity as Brad Owen recently hit the 100,000 mark in subscribers.

Owen has been vlogging his poker scores and experiences at the Las Vegas cash game tables for the last 2 and 1/2 years. He releases quality videos on a semi-consistent basis, posting over 100 poker vlogs to date.

Upon reaching the 100K milestone, Brad informed his followers of the accomplishment, thanking his fans for making it all possible.

That tweet took on an entirely different tone than one posted by Owen just a couple weeks earlier when Brad was completely overlooked as a nominee for a "Vlogger of the Year" award. Owen, and everyone associated with the game of poker, were shocked that several of the nominees weren't even poker vloggers.

One day later, Owen seemingly had a change of heart about the snub, admitting that the award "doesn't really matter." He likely realized that such awards are slanted heavily toward those who happen to hang out with or have a working relationship with the sponsors.

In any event, congratulations to Brad Owen for hitting 100,000 YouTube subscribers. It's truly an accomplishment worth recognition.

Here's one of his most popular vlogs:

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