PokerBROS Goes the Extra Mile for Security

4 months ago
PokerBROS Goes the Extra Mile for Security
20 May

PokerBROS has taken its drive to provide industry leading security to a new level. The security team has worked tirelessly to produce an automated system that is primed to catch any untoward behaviour at any time of the day.

The PokerBROS team are proud of the level of security on the platform right now and fully understand that trust is essential for users to remain long-term customers in the future.

Fully Automated Anti-Cheat System

The Game Integrity Bros have proudly unveiled what they call the Live Alert Engine. It is the most recent digital construction from the security department that promises to deliver games with flawless integrity.

The program is a rules-based framework that scans real-time data from each table and processes it through a series of algorithms. Player behaviour is heavily scrutinised and checked against a list of predetermined conditions, in the search for anything suspicious.

This isn’t just a one off, too, because users have been promised that a constant stream of updates will be forthcoming in order to maintain the high ground in the “ever-changing arms race” against shady behaviour.

“We get instant notification into our lively alerts dashboard with highly detailed information about the event and involved players. Based on the nature of the alert and its priority and urgency, it is either instantly picked up by a team member for full review, or if not urgent it is left pending to be picked up later in accordance with our daily workflow and internal procedures.”

A Great Year

Last year was an important step up for PokerBROS. It pulled out all the stops to ensure a high level of game integrity, cutting off every avenue they could find where cheaters and fraudsters take advantage.

The Live Alerts Engine was responsible for a 97% proactive detection rate. Even with all the reports of suspicious actions from concerned users, the automated system was still picking up almost all incidences. After the first quarter of this year this figure was up to 98%.

“The great result is thanks to the continuous team effort which puts us at the very forefront of this area in the poker industry.”

The security team made it clear that users should still continue contacting them any time they see something suspicious. Players see things from a different angle and so are invaluable when it comes to fighting fraud.

“...those 2-3% of cases reported to us by our attentive customers still play an important part and may reveal incidents which, apart from catching additional fraudsters , enable us to improve our tools and detection mechanism as well. Players see the game from a different perspective and should always report it if anything slightly suspicious catches their eye.”

Hopefully you can see how much effort is being put into the PokerBROs project. Maintaining game integrity isn’t an easy task in this day and age. There are still plenty of unethical players out there who will always be looking to gain in one area or another.

If you like the sound of all this, then why not sign up and give PokerBROS a quick try out.

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