PokerBROS Introduce New All-in or Fold Tournaments

1 year ago
PokerBROS Introduce New All-in or Fold Tournaments
12 Apr

PokerBROS has come up with an exciting new twist on multi-table tournaments. The only decision players have to make is whether to risk it all or fold.

No more worrying about bet sizing—simply jam or fold and wait for the next hand.

Excitement Comes First

All-in or fold tournaments might not be the greatest test of skill but they are guaranteed to provide excitement. Let’s face it, not everyone looks forward to a dry session where we are dealt very few playable hands.

This new variant guarantees a stage of the tournament where you’ll be jamming stacks in left and right.

Don’t be thinking that there’s no skill involved though. All of the usual factors are still important to consider—stack size, position, and hand strength. This format is a great way to test your range knowledge while still enjoying that feeling of seeing two hands all-in with the tension that comes with it.

Club creators and managers can now set up these tournaments for their members. For now, only NL hold’em and 6+ hold’em are avai;lable, but PLO is coming soon.

What Is PokerBROS

PokerBROS is a great poker app that launched only a couple of years ago. The software has some of the most visually appealing graphics seen in the industry.

Specialising in play money games, the highly customisable interface offers an enjoyable experience to club members in any country. PokerBROS has no restricted regions, so why not sign up here and get your own club started?

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