PokerBROS Launches New Spin-It Tournaments for Poker Unions

1 month ago
PokerBROS Launches New Spin-It Tournaments for Poker Unions
18 May

PokerBROS has launched a new NL hold’em tournament format called Spin-It. This fast-paced, action-heavy poker variant is now available to selected unions on the platform, aimed at players who want a quick fix, over playing a long, drawn out multi-table tournament.

Three-Handed Action

Not every poker fan has the time to sit back and play for a few hours. Some are forced to look for a format that is all done and dusted much more quickly. There are also those who have short attention spans and prefer a game that is soon over and then they can move onto the next one.

For these players, the Spin-It tournaments are perfect. They are three-handed, and available in the Gold Lobby to enjoy with your friends and family. You might be thinking what is really different about this poker format? The answer is that the prize pool is determined with a spin of a wheel.

How Spin-It Tournaments Work

Every Spin-It tournament starts with a spin of the prize wheel as soon as all three participants are seated. The prize pool ranges between x2 the buy-in all the way up to x100!

There aren’t many opportunities in poker to multiply your money by a factor of one hundred where you only have to take on two opponents.

There are some variations possible too. The PokerBROS platform is well-known for being highly customisable, and Spin-It tournaments are no different. The starting stacks can be anything between 300 to 2,000 depending on the game’s operator.

Prize Pool Multiplier



1st: 80x, 2nd: 10x, 3rd: 10x


1st: 21.25x, 2nd: 3.75x


1st: 10x


1st: 5x


1st: 3x


1st: 2x

As you can see from the above table, Spin-It tournaments are mostly winner-takes-all except if the 100x or 25x multipliers are in play, but the winner still takes the vast majority of the prize pool.

PokerBROS is a great place to enjoy a game of poker and it takes literally minutes to get the app installed and then away you go. There will always be a table waiting for you for any game you want to play. The graphics are second-to-none and there are no regional restrictions. Any player from any country is welcome.

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