PokerBROS Up Their Game with New Kill Pot Feature

3 weeks ago
PokerBROS Up Their Game with New Kill Pot Feature
23 Mar

Leading mobile gaming poker app PokerBROS has introduced a new feature in their fixed-limit games called Kill Pot. Designed to boost the action, Kill Pot aims to create a new dynamic in the games that ultimately makes them more exciting.

In for the Kill

Fixed-limit games are often seen as the poor relations of the big bet games such as NL hold’em and PLO, but this is really just a matter of fashion. PokerBROS has come up with this interesting tweak to try and get the fixed-limit hold’em and omaha (both high and hi/lo) tables booming once again.

How Does it All Work?

First, this feature is optional. Players have full control over whether or not they wish to use the Kill Pot dynamic.

Kill Pot is triggered whenever a pot grows larger than a certain size, changing the rules slightly for the very next hand—the size of the blinds double and an extra big blind is added. The net result is an unexpectedly large pot that incentivises players to take it down.

The trigger size is also customisable, as is usual on PokerBROS.

Example: If the size of the game is $1/$2 fixed-limit, when Kill Pot is activated the blinds double from $0.50/$1 to $1/$2 and the under the gun player will post a big blind also. If this pot sets off the Kill Pot trigger then the next pot will also be played at this double size. Although a chain of Kill Pots can continue indefinitely they do not continue doubling in size.

There is also a common situation where a Kill Pot is not triggered even if the pot grows large enough. If a pot is chopped, or split in a hi/lo game, the next pot is played at normal size.

The Kill Pot feature is switched on when setting up a table in your Club. Simply switch it on from the options list and select the number of big blinds—between 8-15—needed in the pot to trigger Kill Pot.

Any fixed-limit tables with the Kill Pot feature switched on will be clearly marked in your club.

What Is PokerBROS?

PokerBROS is the most exciting poker app to launch in the last couple of years. Using the latest generation graphics it has come up with an incredible app that is fully customisable for both players and owners.

Available in any country, it offers play-money games to anybody looking to get involved in poker either by starting or joining a Club. So, there’s no time to waste, make an account here and get stuck in.

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