Police Release Video and Description of Casino Robbery Suspect

2 months ago
Police Release Video and Description of Casino Robbery Suspect
31 Jan

Police in Las Vegas are trying to track down a suspect in multiple casino heists. Four off-strip casinos, including the Gold Coast, Green Valley Ranch, Silverton, and Rampart, have fallen victim to the robber in recent months.

Video Clip Released

The Metropolitan Police Department has released a rough description of the suspect, describing him as being between 6’1” and 6’3” in height and between 25 and 35 years old. He was last seen wearing a black mask, gloves, and hooded sweatshirt during the robberies. In addition, police have also released a 50-second video clip of the suspect on YouTube.

The first robbery took place on November 16 at the Gold Coast casino, with the other three incidents taking place during December at the Green Valley Ranch, Silverton, and Rampart casinos. The robber targeted the cashier cages at these casinos, where staff handle cash, casino chips, and other transactions. Police did not say how much money was stolen in each robbery.

Police say the suspect used two different stolen vehicles during the crimes, both of which have Nevada license plates. One is a silver Mazda 6 and the other is a grey Chevrolet Cruze. Footage of these vehicles was also included in the video released by police.

Casinos usually have a strong security presence but the general policy at casinos is for staff to comply with a robbery to avoid any escalation, risking somebody getting hurt.

This is not the only recent incident of casino robberies in Las Vegas. Two properties on the Las Vegas Strip, the Resorts World and Caesars Palace casino resorts, have also fallen victim to robberies.

In the Resorts World incident, the robber managed to get away with thousands of dollars before returning to the scene later that day to see how the investigation was going. Police were able to arrest Zubaid Al Jarmi within a week of the incident.

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