Rapper ‘Young Thug’ Loses $800,000 Gambling in Las Vegas Casinos

1 month ago
Rapper ‘Young Thug’ Loses $800,000 Gambling in Las Vegas Casinos
26 Feb

A rap star has told how he lost almost a million dollars during a recent trip to Las Vegas. The hip hop artist known as ‘Young Thug’ was apparently overdoing it a little after blowing off some steam in a casino or two.

Jeffrey Williams—his real name—posted about his $800,000 loss on one of his social media accounts.

“Man, Vegas just won $800,000 from me, man,” said Williams. “Man, I threw liquor everywhere in that motherf***er.”
Although the loss will no doubt sting for a couple of weeks, ‘Young Thug’ is believed to have a $8 million fortune which will comfort the rapper. He even has a track collaboration with megastar Chris Brown on Billboard’s Hot 100 top 10 right now, called Go Crazy.

Of course, with social media being what it is, somebody had to put a cynical take on the story by claiming it’s all part of a tax fiddle.

“Always post a video showing you upset at losing everything ... Helps with the IRS later. :)”

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