Somerville Busts PSPC With a Flush vs Bottom Pair

4 months ago
Somerville Busts PSPC With a Flush vs Bottom Pair
10 Jan

With the PokerStars Players Championship in full swing, plenty of attention has been focused upon PokerStars Team Pros.

Jason Somerville is one site ambassador who likely wishes that he could've avoided the spotlight, but instead finds himself front and center after busting on a terribly sick bad beat.

Jcarver got it in good with the nut flush on the flop and got a call from his opponent, who had only bottom pair. Lo and behold, Jason watched helplessly as the turn and river materialized into a full house for his lucky tablemate.

Somerville tweeted a clip of the debacle, going out as a class act instead of harboring any ill will toward his eliminator.

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