Sunday Super Seoul Returns Better Than Ever Before

5 months ago
Sunday Super Seoul Returns Better Than Ever Before
29 May

Sunday 31st May marks the much awaited return of Sunday Super Seoul. Tons of action going on with world class players from all over the globe competing for a slice of the profits on offer.

Saturday 30th May Qualifying Extravaganza

Tomorrow sees a whopping 100 seats available in satellite tournaments. All day players will have the chance to compete for a slot in the line up of a tournament that isn’t normally within their bankroll requirements.

The 100 tickets will be split up into 10 different satellite events. Nine of those - $11 buy-in - will pay out a ticket for one of Sunday’s $109 tournaments, while the final one - $50 buy-in - offers entry into the $535 Super Seoul tournament that tops Sunday’s event schedule.

If you’ve never played a three-figure buy-in event before then you can’t miss out on this opportunity.

Sunday Schedule

Buy In
Seoul R
Seoul Freeze
Seoul Re-Entry
Seoul Supersonic100
Seoul Bounty
100 + 100
Super Seoul

Please be aware that all tickets expire following the closure of late registration.

New MTT Schedule

Not only is there Super Sunday Seoul returning but the entire MTT schedule has been revamped. May’s tournament schedule was switched up to suit exactly what players needed.

All the remaining action for the rest of the month can be found here.

King Of HighStakes €5,000 Cash Leaderboard

June will see another running of the King of HighStakes €5,000 Cash Leaderboard.

The top 50 rake payers will collect cash prizes up to a tidy €500 with €10 paid for 50th place. All prizes can be withdrawn immediately.

The current leaderboard status can be viewed here where you can see Turkey’s Can23 sitting with a healthy lead.

The points calculation is €1 Rake = 100 Points.

Free €1,000 Bankroll Challenge

HighStakes are currently running the best online poker promotion to be found anywhere in the industry. Anybody can sign up and receive a €1,000 bankroll for absolutely nothing.

The promotion is that you get the cash to play with for free and to keep it all you must ramp it up to €10,000 in 60 days or less.

This is amazing value.

There will be plenty more promo cash to be collected along the way, which if you win the challenge you can keep as well.

The worst that can happen is that you bust your free €1,000 and at least you will have had a good time.

If you hit the €10,000 target then you can walk away with the lot, plus any promo cash.

If you lose everything, the entire €1,000, then there’s no harm done. You got plenty of action as well as the chance to win big.

There’s also some incentive to not push your luck too hard and risk the free bankroll. If you are still grinding hard when the 60 days limit comes around you will get a €500 gift from the bosses providing your balance is still over €1,000.

Cash games, tournaments, and SnGs are all fine but no SPINS allowed.

To keep the challenge serious, and to prevent the site from being flooded with people not playing proper poker, you must stick to a strict bankroll management system which is explained in full below.

Chip dumping will also be considered a breach of the rules

Here you can see the points at which you must move up or down in stakes.

Cash Games
Up to €1 bb
Up to €2 bb
Up to €5 bb
Up to €10bb
Up to €25 bb

Up to €50 buy in
Up to €110 buy in
Up to €215 buy in
Up to €500 buy in

All participants must also be prepared to stream their exploits on Twitch. You must tweet every time you log on to play, tagging the HighStakes account for maximum publicity.

All that remains for you to do is sign up to HighStakes and make a €10 deposit so that you can verify your account allowing fast withdrawals at the conclusion of the challenge.

To sweeten the deal you can get your friends involved and HighStakes will pay you 7% of any rake they accru and give them a free €5 to get them started, even before they pass verification.

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