Sweat is Over: Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu Lock the Bracelet Bet

6 years ago
Sweat is Over: Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu Lock the Bracelet Bet
28 Jun

Negreanu-Ivey bracelet bet was getting into the danger zone. The duo was slowly running out of tournaments to play, Negreanu had a couple shots but came short, and it seemed like Phil Ivey’s summer was not going all that well at all.

But just moments ago, Tiger Woods of poker demonstrated why it is a bad idea to bet against him on anything poker related, as he claimed his WSOP bracelet number 10 in a $1,500 8-game event, that many players referred to as the mini Players Championship.

In fact, both Ivey and Negreanu made it through to the final day of the event with total of 14 players still standing, promising for a fun sweat for anyone involved with the bet in any way or anyone who simply enjoys watching the best players doing their thing.

Cards did not fall his way for KidPoker in this one, as he was eliminated in 9th place, and from purely mathematical perspective, this cut the odds of winning the bracelet in half. However, Phil Ivey was going strong from the get go and was not relenting. And once Ivey gets into the zone, there is very few things that can stand between him and the victory.

One by one, players were being sent to the rail - Rocha, Haller, Guo, Chidwick, Steury and eventually Heimiller all bowed and made their exits, all the while Ivey was firmly in control, with only a few bumps along the road. This extended into the heads up, as although the two started the match with about even stacks, Ivey made the quick work of Bruce Yamron, and after only about half an hour of heads up play, Yamron’s chips made the disappearance act.

Phil Ivey earned $166,000 for his victory, in all fairness probably a small amount for player of his caliber, but more importantly he captured his tenth gold bracelet and locked up all the bets that were hanging in the balance. Ample reason for celebration.

Phil Ivey just won!! If you owe me money I'll be at Rio Sunday. Fun sweat all summer and my man got the job done. Phew! Daniel Negreanu;

While Negreanu did not try to hide his excitement, Ivey was much more restrained on the Twitter. It is most likely because Mr. Ivey was never big fan of ever so popular tweeting, and his messages are always as short and as up to the point as possible. There is no doubt, however, that Phil is also thrilled with this most recent achievement that confirms once again that he belongs to and intends to stay the part of the finest poker-playing elite.

Congratulations to the winners, condolences to those who came out on the wrong side of the bet. Good game!

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