Teen Patti vs Poker

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Teen Patti vs Poker
24 Apr

Poker is one of the most popular card games around the world. Played in many different countries, this game is extremely well known too. However, there is another card game out there, not as well known but one that offers a very similar gaming style and in some countries around the world, it is even more popular than poker.

The game is Teen Patti, a real favourite in parts of Asia, particularly in India. If you are in an online casino India then you will certainly see Teen Patti as one of the games that you can play. This will mean live rooms with dealers waiting for you, offering a very similar online experience to those who choose to play poker. A dealer is in charge and players from all over the world can log on and try their luck against you.

But is one of these games better than the other? What advantages do they have and what similarities are there for those who are looking to try out both?

The Advantages of Poker

With poker being better known around the world when compared to Teen Patti, even those who haven’t played the game before will have a rough idea of how it works and what you need to do to win a hand.

There is also the chance that some people will have seen live poker events played, with TV coverage of the biggest in many countries around the world, you don’t get that with Teen Patti.

Tournament play is also a big part of poker, even if you don’t want to enter anything too big, there are many smaller poker tournaments available. You can even set your own up amongst friends if you wish, giving you a longer game between friends rather than playing for many individual hands.

The Advantages of Teen Patti

The big advantage of Teen Patti is the speed of play, which is much quicker than poker. The game is also simpler, so if you have absolutely no idea how to play both poker and Teen Patti, you are likely to pick up the rules to this game much quicker.

If you want to play offline with friends, setting up a game, dealing cards and managing the pot for the winner is also a little easier to do with Teen Patti than it is with poker.

There is no tournament play available really with Teen Patti, but thanks to the speed that you can play hands, whether you are playing at home with friends or online against strangers, you can quickly go through multiple games.


There are many similarities between poker and Teen Patti, these allow players to move between both games while using many of the same rules if they wish to. If you take a look at the poker hand rankings, many of these hands are used to determine the winner of a game of standard Teen Patti, which is going to help.

If you play both and you have cards in front of you then there will be many occasions when you are trying to put together the same card hand, even though you are playing a different game.

Both games require an incredible amount of luck, because you can only build a hand with the cards you are given. If you have bad cards, it doesn’t matter how good you are or how much experience you have, you are likely to lose.

However, both do require skill when it comes to betting, knowing how to play, when to bet, when to fold and that aspect of the game. If you have a good hand but bet badly, you may not take advantage of it in either game.

Spotting what you have, and betting in the right way to benefit that, is where the skill comes from in both poker and Teen Patti.

Variations of Both Games

The good news for fans of one or both of these games is that there are a number of different variations available to play.

These keep things fresh, and certainly with Teen Patti there are more variations that win poker. When you are bored of the standard version, or when you are looking for a change, you don’t need to abandon the game you have worked hard on for a long period of time.

Instead, whether it is poker or Teen Patti you are playing, you can take advantage of these variations so you are playing the same game but keeping it feeling fresh and exciting.

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