The Definitive Las Vegas Poker VLOG

4 years ago
The Definitive Las Vegas Poker VLOG
14 Feb


Poker vlogging is becoming more popular by the minute, so it was inevitable that sports vlogger Pete Manzinelli took a turn at it.

The Manz, as he is known to friends - both of them - got his poker mojo back and headed over to the Excalibur in Las Vegas to grind some limit poker. He claims to have been an accomplished regular in Las Vegas poker rooms back in the day, but that assertion took on an air of uncertainty when none of the dealers recognized him.

However, after watching the smoke ring-blowing vlogger twirl his chips with an adeptness and skill that can be mastered only by spending countless hours at the poker table, one begins to believe that The Manz is the real deal. In fact, his claim of being the check-raise king and a poker legend is 100% true - at least in his own mind.


New Kid in Town?

Andrew Neeme, Jeff Boski, Kevin Martin, and The Trooper all have reason to worry with a new poker vlogger on the scene. The Manz will likely siphon one or two of their subscribers, especially the ones who play Jenga on a regular basis.

While Manzinelli's poker skills may be in question, his chip stacking skills are not. He managed to stack a tower of Jenga-esque proportions that likely struck fear in his opponents at the limit hold'em table. Unfortunately for The Manz, that fear was not based on his poker skills, but on the realization that his chips might land in their drinks when they came crashing down.

Leave the Casino and Don't Return

But such an outcome was thwarted when The Manz was booted out of Excalibur for his chip stacking antics. Such a shame that his talents were not appreciated by casino employees and other players at the table.

However, us poker vlog viewers can appreciate The Manz, especially after he turned a hefty $34 profit. That windfall will come in handy toward fulfilling the latter part of his of "Let's Get Paid, Let's Get Laid" motto that he dutifully announced before entering the Excalibur poker room.

Dude, that was absolutely the definitive Las Vegas poker vlog!

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