The Differing Traits of Different Gamblers

4 years ago
Do player traits match game stereotypes?
10 Feb

There are plenty of different casino games to choose from these days. Whether you’re a fan of slots, dice, or cards, there is no shortage of different ways you can bet your money.

Some people will take to these different games more quickly than others – even those who like card games will quickly divide themselves between a casino’s poker, blackjack, and baccarat tables.

There are plenty of stereotypes attached to these games, like the idea that bingo players are all old women and that roulette players are all reminiscent of James Bond. The question is, how well do these stereotypes stand up in real life? Do the traits of a gambler differ based on the game they play?

Truths and Fictions

There is some truth behind the player stereotypes we see here; for example, while not all bingo players are old and female, the vast majority (approximately 70-85%) are. Poker players have a stereotype about being equal parts loud, boisterous, and impossible to read.

There is obviously some truth to this. The level of fame which comes with being a pro-level poker player often lends itself to major egos and hence a brazen attitude, though the infamous poker face on the other side of the coin is clearly more important.

Being able to keep a straight face is a trait which either makes or breaks a player at the table. In fact, Forbes have even gone so far as to suggest that there are business lessons to be learned from playing a game or two of poker.

Looking across the betting floor to blackjack players, we have the stereotype that they are all highly reserved, with an MIT level of intelligence. This is obviously false; you don’t need an engineering degree to play blackjack, as seen by the fact that it’s the world’s most popular card game.

On the other hand, there is some truth to the fact that blackjack pros are some of the most reserved gamblers at the casino. The reason for this common trait is that if blackjack players are seen to be constantly winning large amounts of money they don’t want to be accused of being a card counter.

While card counting isn’t illegal, it is a tool used by high level players to give themselves the best possible advantage – something which casino bosses tend to frown upon. You don’t need an MIT level intelligence to count cards either, though a high level of intelligence certainly helps. Anyone with the time and incentive can learn to count cards, as long as they have a sensitivity to how prior outcomes can affect your future probabilities.

According to Business Insider, if you can’t do this, you won’t be a good gambler anyway.

On the other end of the gambling spectrum we have bingo, a game with a similar level of statistics and strategy but is played for much lower stakes. The stereotypical bingo player is an old woman playing the game with their elderly female friends. Believe it or not, the majority of bingo players are in the 18-35 demographic!

Bingo is a fast-paced game where your knowledge of statistics, probability, and game jargon all go a long way towards helping you win. If you were to test everyone in a bingo hall to see how strong their bingo game is in terms of bingo calls and how to pick the best tickets, you’ll likely find that the ‘luckiest’ players are the ones who know two little ducks from a queen bee. If you want to be even halfway decent at bingo you need to be on the ball with your bingo calls.

What We Learned

All in all, it’s little surprise that the casino games you take to will vary depending on your personality. Some people will naturally prefer certain games over others, Rather than worrying about whether or not you have the traits to make you good at a given game, do what the best players have always done, try first and ask questions later.

If you haven’t tried your hand at any new casino games in a while, why not give it a go? Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

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