The Mizrachi Brothers – Amazing Poker Story of Success

7 years ago
The Mizrachi Brothers – Amazing Poker Story of Success
23 Jun

It isn’t that uncommon for brothers to get in the same line of business, start their own company even, and go far with it. But when it comes to poker, one can hardly envision it is a family business. Mizrachi brothers, however, are the proof to the contrary, as four of them take poker very seriously!

Robert (35) is the eldest of the four, even if not the most famous of them. He is the one responsible for bringing poker home and introducing it to his younger twin brothers, Michael and Eric. With more than $5 million in tournament cashes, Rob is a force to be reckoned with on the green felt.

Although he started playing professionally back in 1996, he had to wait for his first WSOP bracelet more than ten years, until he eventually captured a $10k Pot Limit Omaha Championship. With a lot of experience and results behind him, nobody was surprised to see Rob taking that jewelry home.

What was a little surprising is the fact he had to wait another seven years for his second bracelet, but after last night that wait is over. Robert Mizrachi bested the field of 419 players that took part in the inaugural WSOP Dealer’s Choice Event. Once again, in the event that involved the choice of 16 different games, it is not hard to see why the victory went to the player who’s been around for so long.

One of the first to extend his congratulations was, naturally, his younger brother Michael (33). Michael, known by his nickname ‘The Grinder’, needs little introduction. Although he got introduced to poker by Robert, Grinder is the eldest in terms of tournament earnings. His impressive $14.5 million in cashes, coupled with three gold bracelets and numerous other titles certainly give other siblings a great goal to reach. With his latest bracelet, Robert is now one step closer.

Congratulations to my Bro PokerRob24 First ever dealers choice Wsop event. You the man! Time for players champ tomorrow! Our next goal! Michael Mizrachi;

Michael’s twin brother Eric has been involved with poker for as long as Grinder himself, but his results are not in the seven-figures range. Erick has $240,000 in live cashes and no bracelets or big victories to his name as of yet, but with Mizrachis it’s only a matter of time.

The youngest of the four is Donny, whose big passion, apart from poker, is music. Born in 1987, already at the age of 12, he was a professional magician. After working in that branch for a while, he discovered his passion for music and, more precisely, creating music. He has had a successful career as a DJ, but his poker results are also going in the right direction, with more than $40,000 in live winnings.

Although there is always some healthy sibling rivalry amongst the brothers, they see themselves as Team Mizrachi and are always there for one another to both offer support and celebrate victory. With careers of professional poker players, the mutual support certainly means a lot, and what can possibly be sweater than celebrating big poker moments with your brothers who not only support you, but completely understand what it is that you are doing day in and day out!

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