The Pros and Cons of Video Poker

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The Pros and Cons of Video Poker
17 Dec

With so many online casinos to choose from, players have no shortage of different games to play. There is a huge range of games that can be played whenever and wherever gamers want, as long as they have a digital device and a reliable Internet connection. Whichever game they choose they will find that it has its advantages and disadvantages and video poker is no exception. As with many casino games, it requires an element of luck, but with a good strategy, all types of players can be successful at it.

Poker is said to have first appeared in Vegas in the 1930s and is now played in online and land-based casinos worldwide. As it appeared at about the same time as slots, the two are often compared, but they work in totally different ways.

The Basics of Video Poker

Online casinos generally have enough choice for people to play a variety of video poker games. The basics of them all are very similar for this very simple game.  You place your bet and receive your hand. You choose which cards you want to keep and discard the others. The cards you have discarded will be replaced and if your hand is the best you win.

When playing poker with other people, you need skill, social dynamics and luck. With video poker, the skill is more about which cards to keep and which ones to discard. The higher your hand the more your payout will be.

Advantages of Video Poker

If you want a great blend of poker, slots, skill and luck, video poker could be the game for you. It is a budget friendly game, with most casinos letting you place bets for just a few cents per hand. Of course, the less you bet the lower the win will pay, but there are also progressive jackpots and they can be significant amounts.

Generally, video poker has a lower house edge which is often below 1% and a basic strategy can mean you can increase your odds of winning even more. This high percentage of return has made it one of the most popular casino games, which is also fun and exciting to play.

You will not have to wait for other players to start a game, as you are playing against the house. This results in you being able to play whenever you want.

Disadvantages of Video Poker

Whether you are new to video poker or an experienced player you will not find many disadvantages. The main one is that the Random Number Generator means you cannot predict which cards will be dealt, so there is still an element of luck involved. Strategies can help you to win, but these can take time to learn and memorize.

More Pros Than Cons

There are more good reasons to play video poker than arguments against it, which is probably why it is one of the most chosen games in all online casinos: simplicity with some skill and some luck makes for a great combination.

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