Thi Xoa Nguyen Makes the Sickest Fold of the Decade

4 months ago
Thi Xoa Nguyen Makes the Sickest Fold of the Decade
11 Jan

Day two of the Pokerstars Players Championship saw what is possibly the sickest fold we have seen in a decade. Vietnamese born Thi Xoa Nguyen, who now represents France, correctly folded a full house to American Athanasios Polychronopoulos’s all-in shove on the river.

The $25,000 buy in event has been on everyone’s mind since it was first announced and the action hasn’t disappointed. This hand took place on one of the feature tables but hole card cameras were not in use during play.

The action begins with Nguyen open raising AQ from the button and Polychronopoulos 3 bets from the big blind. 

The flop comes K9Q and both players check.

The turn is the Q and now leads out for around ¼ of the pot. Polychronopoulos quickly calls.

The river is the A and Nguyen once again bets her full house expecting to get paid. Polychronopoulos though, surprisingly shoves, putting Nguyen all-in. Nguyen now goes into the tank for a few minutes before exclaiming “yeah” and folding her AQ face up.

Two time WSOP bracelet winner Polychronopoulos looks stunned and actually begins to laugh before flipping over pocket aces to show Nguyen what a sick fold she had just made.

Nguyen later explained that it was the absence of a flop c bet that led her to think Polychronopoulos was trapping. A simple piece of logic but still a great fold.

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