Tim Reilly Accused of Using Fake Vaccination Card for WSOP 2021

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Tim Reilly Accused of Using Fake Vaccination Card for WSOP 2021
06 Jan

Poker pro Tim Reilly is facing a barrage of questions over what his vaccination status was during the WSOP 2021. The controversial Nicky Palma kicked off the Twitter beef by outing Reilly as having used a fake vaccination card to pass checks to be allowed to enter the Rio and play.


It isn’t clear what made Nicky Palma suddenly fire out this public accusation, or where he got his information from, but no sooner had he posted the tweet, an avalanche of further information and claims followed.

Alex Jacob looks to have provided a key piece of evidence which, although circumstantial, looks to have convinced many as putting the case beyond reasonable doubt, in our minds at least. He claims that prior to the WSOP starting, Reilly sent him a video of “his” vaccination card which was dated September 12, 2021.

But on October 8, 2021, Reilly had started a long Twitter thread on how it was unfair that he wouldn’t be able to apply his craft in the biggest festival of the year, citing allergies that prevent him from having the vaccine.

“Yes I’ve stated this many times. I could provide legit medical history and a note from a doctor but they are not offering any exceptions. I’d even be willing to give a negative test every day if need be.”
Then, lo and behold, he arrives at the Rio All-Suite and plays as if all is well, cashing six times.

Jacobs continued to post evidence from Reilly’s Twitter history, pulling his story apart and asking why he would make the October thread about not being able to play at the WSOP if he’d already been vaccinated for one month.

“Honestly, who would believe that after being vaccinated for more than a month and cleared to play the WSOP for several weeks, that you would tweet "1 week down, 1 more to go" on October 18?”

Daniel Negreanu Steps in

Daniel Negreanu spotted the Twitter thread and went as far as offering Tim Reilly $10,000 if he can pass a lie detector test over the alleged use of a fake vaccination card.

$10,000 free money, he stated, adding that he wasn’t worried about having to pay out.

Another poster ran through the entire Twitter times for Reilly and reported that the final time he said he couldn’t play was October 8 and his first event at the Rio was October 23, meaning that it could only have been a Johnson & Johnson single shot vaccination.

Even by January 5, 2022, Nicky Palma is refusing to let this story go. He tweeted that he isn’t going to stop until something is done, tagging PokerNews, the WSOP and even the FBI!

We have the feeling that this tale might drag on for some time.

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