Todd Brunson Confirms His $5,000,000 Win Over Andy Beal

6 years ago
Todd Brunson Confirms His $5,000,000 Win Over Andy Beal
27 Jan

Although earlier reports about the match between Andy Beal and Todd Brunson looked quite truthful and were accompanied by photos, there were still some doubts about the actual amount won (and lost) on that night. Yesterday, Todd Brunson cleared the air via Twitter, confirming he was up exactly five million.

Todd was more than happy to share the excitement with his followers, although some pointed out that revealing the info could be a gift for the IRS and that agents may soon be coming for their cut. We will not speculate on the likelihood of that happening or to what extent tweets can be used as evidence. Five million sounds better than $2 million after taxes anyway.

The evening started off well and continued even better for Todd and his entourage, as everybody was eager to come by and congratulate the big winner. Clearly, having a guy who just won $5 million walk into your joint is bound to leave at least a few people star-struck.

Although some would probably find the rest of Brunson's tweets from that night quite funny, the messages drifted away from the most important subject (the $5 million, of course) and as such are not crucial to this particular article. The most important question that everybody is asking now is: will the match continue?

So far there has been no confirmation either way, but there are probably hundreds of poker fans out there who would love to see at least one or two additional match-ups regardless of the results. Perhaps Beal is just taking some time off to analyze his play and figure out what went wrong (although, considering the stakes, the loss was not that massive at all), or perhaps he’s decided that he's not ready to play again just yet and will return to the felt at a later date.

Todd, on the other hand, will probably take some time to celebrate in style. He certainly has reason to and can definitely afford it!

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