Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey Go To War

3 years ago
Dwan and Ivey Go To War
27 Jan

We've seen them together as friends, promoting Six Plus Hold'em in a video back in 2015. But what happens when Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey are seated at the table as opponents?

The result was the the largest cash game pot in televised poker history, a massive $1,108,500. The hand between two of poker's best players was analyzed on the latest episode of "Poker Hands With Doug Polk."

Fresh from his misquoted analysis of Dan Bilzerian's online poker abilities and whether or not the Instagram playboy is a complete fake, the Upswing Poker co-founder certainly does not use the word "fake," either real or imagined, when giving his take on the performances of Ivey or Dwan.

One word he does use, however, is "fu*ked," as in that's what Ivey was when he went all-in with a straight that was not as high as the straight held by Dwan. Ivey has been getting fu*ked in more ways than one as of late - mostly in the courtroom - considering that his edge sorting lawsuits have been coming up short as well.


Oh well, a million-dollar pot here, ten million there, it's all a typical day at the office for the Tiger Woods of Poker. Suffice it to say, millions more will likely be won and lost by Ivey before he cashes in his chips for good.

Polk concludes his analysis by telling his viewers that:

"Anyone who plays poker for awhile is going to know what if feels like to lose a pot this huge."

Anyone? Perhaps anyone named Dwan, Ivey or Polk. But most of the rest of us don't have the bankrolls to know what losing a million-dollar pot might feel like. We can only watch videos and wonder...

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