Tom Dwan's Mind is Blown

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Tom Dwan's Funny Face
08 Jan


One of the most shocked facial expressions during a televised hand of poker was displayed by Tom Dwan during an episode of High Stakes Poker during the late 2000s.

The hand in question was recently analyzed during a segment of "Poker Hands With Doug Polk," as the Upswing Poker co-founder rightly came to the defense of Peter Eastgate for his decision to simply call durrrr's large bet on the river despite holding the winning hand with a set and top kicker.


WSOP ME Champion

Eastgate, of course, was the 2008 WSOP Main Event champ, earning a $9,152,416 payday when he outplayed a field of 6,844 to become, at the time, the youngest ever WSOP ME winner. According to reports, Eastgate didn't parcel out any of his action, allowing him to take home the entire first place prize.

The Denmark native's appearances in poker rooms have been few and far between in recent years, and as far back as 2010, Eastgate claimed to have lost his motivation for high stakes poker. But he certainly was at the top of his game in 2008-09, winning a $5,000PCA event in January '09 for $343K and later the same year finishing 2nd in the EPT Main Event for another $843,734.

Should He Have Raised?

Getting back to the High Stakes Poker action, Dwan and perhaps a couple other players at the table were a bit surprised that Eastgate simply called Dwan's bet of $53,900. However, as pointed out by Polk, "this call was totally reasonable."

Polk goes on to say that Eastgate's play on this particular hand may have been influenced by a previous hand where Dwan pulled off a successful bluff. In any event, "Eastgate played his hand completely fine," Polk insisted.

Take a look at the video and see if you agree, and watch the face that durrrr makes. Daniel Negreanu called it "priceless."

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